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Executive Staff

James J. Meehan Executive Director

James J. Meehan joined the RVSA in November 2010. When Jim joined the Authority, he brought with him more than 30 years of combined experience in the public and private sectors of the water and wastewater treatment industry. Jim started as a Utility Worker in 1980 and progressively worked his way through the ranks from Operator, Supervisor, Project Manager, and Senior Project Manager to Executive Director. Jim holds S4, C4, N4 and T2 Licenses.

   732-388-0868, ext. 215

Karen A. Musialowicz Secretary and Treasurer

Karen A. Musialowicz joined the RVSA in December 2017 as the Secretary-Treasurer. Karen brings with her thirty plus years of financial and business operations experience in both the public and private sectors, including time at another wastewater treatment facility. Karen is a graduate of St. Peter's College in Jersey City, NJ, and holds a BS in Accounting with a minor in Economics. Karen will oversee the daily financial operations including the annual budget.

   732-388-0868, ext. 216

Daniel Ward Superintendent

Dan Ward joined the RVSA in 2003 as the Maintenance Supervisor and was later promoted to Manager of Plant Maintenance and is currently serving as the Superintendent. Dan came to the Authority with 20 years of experience from the Joint Meeting of Essex and Union Counties (JMEUC). Dan stated at JMEUC as an auto mechanic and moved through the ranks to Maintenance Supervisor and Maintenance Manager, having the opportunity to learn Cogen and Dryer systems as well as all other treatment plant mechanical and electrical systems during his tenure.

   732-388-0868, ext. 229

Joanne Grimes Purchasing Agent/Board Secretary

Joanne Grimes joined the RVSA in 1985 as an Executive Secretary, was promoted to Office Administrator in 1990, and was appointed as the Purchasing Agent in 2011. In 2012 Joanne obtained her Qualified Purchasing Agent Certification from the State of NJ and now serves as the Authority's QPA. She also serves as the RVSA's Assistant Secretary, Board Secretary, liaison between the Authority and its member municipalities; and as the RVSA's Custodian of Records. Joanne handles the bidding and purchasing for the Authority, oversees the Authority's website and Class Trip Program. Joanne received an Administrative Assistant Certification from Union College, attended Rutgers University for her QPA Certification, and is a Notary Public.

   732-388-0868, ext. 217